Wednesday, February 26, 2014

HHAX Low recliner (Version 1)

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Whether it's to read through lengthy business reports, enjoy a good novel, or just to think about what you've done, the HHax low recliner is the perfect chair for serious contemplation. Sturdily made from orginally sourced textures, this 7 prim chair comes in orange and black and is preloaded with a relaxed sit for your convenience.

This product contains two items:
  1. HHAX Low recliner (Black).

  2. HHAX Low recliner (orange).
Both chairs are 7 prims each, including shadow (if the shadow's not important to you, lose it to save a prim). Both will also need lowering once rezzed, due to the prim optimisation method used for the chair legs.

Products are copy/modify (it says 'no modify' in inventory, but this is just the sit script - the rest of the chair is modifiable), so place as many of these as you want :)

Tuesday, February 25, 2014

HHAX Danish Modern Sideboard (Version 1)

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The HHax modern sideboard brings stylish and compact storage to your dining room. Lovingly recreated from a real life piece and textured with our originally sourced Danish teak veneer, the unit comes in 11, 13 and 26 prim versions, the latter featuring opening cupboard doors and drawers, sounds and an interior shelf.

This product contains three items:
  1. HHAX Danish Modern Sideboard 26 prim. This is the 'deluxe version' and features opening/closing cupboard doors (complete with authentic sound effects) and drawers.

    Please note that, in order for these animations to work, the sideboard consists of six separate, non-linked parts (the main frame, the three cupboard doors and the two drawers). When you reposition/rotate the bureau, therefore, you must first select all six of these pieces (right click on one of them and select edit, then - whilst holding down the shift key - left click on each of the other five pieces until the whole sideboard is selected).

  2. HHAX Danish Modern Sideboard 13 prim. This is a purely decorative version with no opening/closing parts.

  3. HHAX Danish Modern Sideboard 11 prim. A further saving of two prims has been made by using simpler legs.

Sunday, February 23, 2014

HHax 70s Turntable (Version 1)

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This is a non-mesh item and has a land impact of 13 prims.

Please note, this item is decorative only, but features an opening/closing lid and spinning disk.  The main turntable unit and its lid are two separate objects. When you reposition/rotate the turntable, therefore, you must first select both the main unit and the lid together (right click one of the two pieces and select edit, then - whilst holding down the shift key - left click the other piece).

Friday, February 21, 2014

Take Hi-Fi Seriously

Before High Fidelity was a Philip Rosedale startup, it was this stuff.  Found these ads today in magazines from my mother's attic. December 1977.