Wednesday, February 26, 2014

HHAX Low recliner (Version 1)

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Whether it's to read through lengthy business reports, enjoy a good novel, or just to think about what you've done, the HHax low recliner is the perfect chair for serious contemplation. Sturdily made from orginally sourced textures, this 7 prim chair comes in orange and black and is preloaded with a relaxed sit for your convenience.

This product contains two items:
  1. HHAX Low recliner (Black).

  2. HHAX Low recliner (orange).
Both chairs are 7 prims each, including shadow (if the shadow's not important to you, lose it to save a prim). Both will also need lowering once rezzed, due to the prim optimisation method used for the chair legs.

Products are copy/modify (it says 'no modify' in inventory, but this is just the sit script - the rest of the chair is modifiable), so place as many of these as you want :)

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