Friday, February 21, 2014

HHAX Danish Modern Bureau (Version 1)

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The HHax Danish Modern bureau combines stylish display and storage space with a practical working area for paperwork and correspondence. Using an originally sourced Danish teak veneer texture, this scale model of a actual life (and much loved) furniture item comes in 15, 17 and 23 prim versions, the latter featuring an opening cupboard door, authentic sounds and interior detail. It is fully modifiable and copyable.

This product contains three items:
  1. HHax Danish Modern Bureau 23 prim. This is the 'deluxe version' and features an opening/closing cupboard door (complete with sound effects) and interior design.

    Please note that, in order for the animation to work, the main bureau and the cupboard door are two separate objects. When you reposition/rotate the bureau, therefore, you must first select both the main item and the door together (right click one of the two pieces and select edit, then - whilst holding down the shift key - left click the other piece).

  2. HHax Danish Modern Bureau 17 prim. This is the same as the 23 prim version, but with no opening/closing door.

  3. HHax Danish Modern Bureau 15 prim. A further saving of two prims has been made by using simpler legs.

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