Thursday, February 20, 2014

HHAX Ladderax system (version 1)

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The HHax Ladderax returns stylish and compact storage to your home. Using originally sourced textures, this modular system comes pre-assembled in 16, 29 and 58 prim versions, the latter delux version featuring opening cabinets, drawers and cupboard doors. In addition, all individual units are also included so that you can create your own unique combination, suited to your needs, space and style.

This product contains three main items:
  1. HHAX Ladderax system 58 prim. This is the 'deluxe version' and features opening/closing cupboard and cabinet (record cabinet and drinks cabinet) doors (complete with authentic sound effects) and drawers.

    Please note that, in order for these animations to work, the deluxe Ladderax consists of eight separate, non-linked parts (the main frame, the two cabinet doors, the two cupboard doors and the three drawers). When you reposition/rotate the ladderax, therefore, you must first select all eight of these pieces (right click on one of them and select edit, then - whilst holding down the shift key - left click on each of the other seven pieces until the whole ladderax is selected).

  2. HHAX Ladderax system 29 prim. This is a purely decorative version - identical in configuration to the deluxe version - with no opening/closing parts.

  3. HHAX Ladderax system BASIC 16 prim. This three ladder decorative configuration is included as an example of how lower prim configurations can be constructed, Two ladder versions below 10 prims could easily be constructed also.
Individual components

In addition to these pre-assembled versions, this product also includes all individual components so that you may create your own unique ladderax combinations. Please note that any component including the word 'functional' in its description is a multi-part object and should be treated as per the 'IMPORTANT' instructions above when repositioning/rotating. All items are copy/modify, however, so if you make a mistake you can always delete it and drag another copy out of your inventory.

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